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Relocation to another new city need not always be cost-prohibitive. Here are a few tips which will show you the areas where you can economize and make your move not just smooth but cheap too.

Cost of relocation depends largely on two factors: the weight of your consignment and the distance to be traveled. Since you do not much say in the distance, you could cut down on the weight of your goods. If you have noticed, there are plenty of useless items which we keep on accumulating over a period of time refusing to throw them away. More often than not, our attic, basement and garage are filled with such items. Organize a garage sale and watch how many pounds you reduce in the weight of your consignment; not to speak of the extra dollars you make which can supplement your cost of moving.

Cost of moving supplies is another factor which goes into alarming amounts for a family who is relocating. You could save money on moving boxes if you bought your moving supplies directly from the manufacturer and not invest in second-hand boxes from liquor shops etc. The latter is usually weak in structure and can give way with the load of your goods. Online purchase of moving supplies is very safe – simply check the company profile and avoid companies which are contractors or affiliates. You can also be assured of timely delivery of quality moving supplies if you buy your goods from the manufacturers’ online shop.

Few of the important items which are included in the broad category of ‘moving supplies’ are moving blankets which are needed to protect your expensive furniture and other valuables during transit. Once you have invested money to buy these items, you could use them in your home for storing, taking them out for outdoor picnics, etc. If you want to buy the right quantity, you must first ensure your demand and then decide how many blankets you would need. The cheapest blankets are often called furniture pads or economy grade blankets then you would need more in number. For example, if you are moving a 3-bedroom house, you would generally require 2 bundles or 24 blankets of professional grade and 3 bundles or 36 blankets of furniture pads. Buying blankets on the internet is possible but check on their dimensions, weight and fabric with which they are made. Medium weight blankets are good enough for one time move.

Packing paper, also called wrapping is another item of moving supplies which you will need in plenty. You could save on this item if you used old newspapers, but the printing ink sometimes can soil your clothes as well as crockery etc. This means you will have to clean them all over again, once you reach your destination.

3M packaging tapes are the best for your move, especially if you are moving long distance. There are various cheaper alternatives available but since this item holds boxes and goods together, economizing on it may prove to be dangerous.

The best decision to buy moving supplies like wrapping paper, packing tapes and moving boxes is to buy them directly from manufacturers. You could use the internet or even the manufacturers’ exclusive retail outlets to make these purchases.

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